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Stop-Off Paste for Preventing Nitriding during Gas Nitriding and Plasma Ion Nitriding

Gas Nitriding And Plasma Ion Nitriding are case hardening processes. They improve wear resistance, seizing resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue life of nitrided parts. Quite often, selective gas nitriding or selective plasma-ion nitriding becomes necessary. ESPON anti-nitriding stop off pastes are very useful in preventing nitriding on the coated areas.

Plastic injection moulding machinery parts like barrel screws are nitrided for increasing their wear resistance. However, threaded areas will become brittle if they are nitrided / hardened. ESPON anti-nitriding stop-off paste is used to mask or protect such areas from nitriding.

Hot forging dies are nitrided to increase their service life. However, during die sinking, machining of fully nitrided forging dies is very time consuming due to their high hardness. Expensive machine-tools wear out fast when used for machining such nitrided dies. Hence, time and money are lost during machining of nitrided dies.

An effective way to solve this problem is by carrying out selective nitriding, only on the impression of the die, where the hardness is required. Remaining portion of the die is coated with ESPON anti-nitriding stop-off paste before charging dies into nitriding furnace. Hence, ESPON coated areas of die will be protected from nitriding. Hardness will be achieved only on not coated die impression during nitriding. Nitriding increases forging die life and preventing nitriding using ESPON coating enables easy machinability of forging die during die sinking.

Hence, use of ESPON anti-nitriding stop-off pastes have proven to increase productivity and reduce costs by reducing machining time substantially and increasing machine tool life.

A range of ESPON brand anti-nitriding stop-off pastes are manufactured by M/s. Steel Plant Specialities LLP as per specific technical requirements of preventing nitriding in gas nitriding and plasma ion nitriding processes. Some of the popular ESPON anti-nitriding stop-off pastes and their applications are given below: