EP Grease


Ambient temperature near a forging press is higher than most other metal forming operations. Most greases that are used in centralised lubrication system of forging presses tend to lose their viscosity at temperatures above 100-150 degrees and begin to flow freely, sometimes flowing out of the press lubrication system. Due to overflow or leakages in centralised lubrication of presses, the chequered plates and surrounding areas around the forging press are constantly dirty due to oil overflow and spills. Many times, tramp oil and die lubricant together get accumulated at the bottom/ foundation of the forging press. Apart from oil wastage, it takes special efforts to pump out this dirty black oil from below the forging press. It poses a serious fire hazard as a hot billet or loose  scale from hot billet fallen into the accumulated oil below forging press can ignite large fires immediately.

At the same time, too thick grease will not flow easily throughout the centralised lubrication system of forging press and will cause choking of press.

Greases that have good viscosity at ambient temperatures are used in the centralised lubrication of forging presses. However, it is important to check the efficacy of these greases at operational temperatures which may be over 100-150 deg. C near forging presses. Overflow, leakage and spillage of oil can be experienced due to quick melting of grease at high temperature, such that it loses viscosity and turns into free-flowing oil. A solution to this problem is found in the use of effective EP00 grade lithium grease that maintains its viscosity at high operating temperatures as observed in forging presses. The grease is neither too free-flowing nor too viscous. This also ensures optimum lubrication, reduced consumption of grease and prevents wastage. Recently, greases are being customised to suit the specific requirements of centralised lubrication system distributor nozzles and pumps of forging presses. This has given good all-round results, including reduced wastage and prevention of fire hazard due to grease overflow in forge shops.

Benefits of ESPON EP Grease:

  • Optimally customised for forging press centralized lubrication systems
  • Due to reduction in friction, load on forging equipment is reduced
  • Machine life is extended
  • Prevents welding and seizure of moving parts
  • Excellent anti-rust property