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Refractory Coatings

Refractory bricks used in furnace inner walls deteriorate over time due to various factors like thermal shock cracking, impinging effect of flame, corrosive products of combustion like sulphur dioxide  present in furnace oil, build up of carbon deposits in burner blocks and removal by manual scraping of refractory, etc.

Owing to refractory lining wear due to above factors, the time and fuel required to reach a certain temperature increases over a period of time. For example: A furnace with new refractory lining may take 3.5 hours to achieve a temperature of 1250 deg. However, after 8 to 10 months, owing to refractory lining wear, the same furnace will take 4 to 4.5 hours to achieve the temperature of 1250 deg. C. Fuel consumption is increased substantially. It eventually leads to furnace maintenance downtime. The refractory lining may need lot of repairs or may need to be changed.

ESPON refractory protective coatings manufactured by Steel Plant Specialities LLP can withstand heat up to 1900 deg. C and also resist corrosive gases. Hence, it reflects the heat back into the furnace and prevents thermal shock cracking of refractory lining. Due to this increase in emissivity, furnace retains heat for longer period. It is commonly observed: Rolling mill furnaces that are shut in the evening retain good amount of heat due to ESPON refractory coating. Hence, when furnace is switched on next morning, the required temperature is achieved faster. In some cases, there has been a reduction of almost 1.5 hours in achieving billet re-heating furnace temperature of 1280 deg. C. In the case of sealed quench furnaces, use of ESPON refractory coating leads to increased uniformity of heat throughout the furnace chamber and reduced furnace outer shell temperature.

These results confirm that refractory lining is protected and leads to substantial saving of fuel. ESPON coating has proven to increase refractory lining life and reduce fuel consumption.

ESPON-RCP Refractory Protective Coating for new and old furnace refractory lining

ESPON-RCP is a zircon based refractory coating with special additives and powerful binders that can withstand high temperatures up to 1900 deg. C. and can resist corrosive gases. It must ideally be used on a new refractory lining for best results. However, if used on old or partially worn out refractory lining, care must be taken to repair the lining properly using ESPON-RC3 powder.

Benefits of ESPON-RCP Refractory Protective Coating:

  1. Protects furnace refractory lining from thermal shocks and cracks
  2. Increases emissivity of refractory lining, reflects heat back into furnace
  3. Prevents carbon deposits on burner blocks
  4. Prevents slag adhesion in acid regeneration plants
  5. Reduces fuel consumption
  6. Reduces maintenance downtime
Packing: 25 kgs. special HDPE container.
Description: Pink paste free from visible extraneous matter.
Weight per litre: 1.4 kgs ± 0.1 kg.
Flash Point: Nil. Does not catch fire.
Safety: Non hazardous. Non flammable. Non toxic during storage or use.
Shelf Life: 12 months in factory sealed condition.